Hypnosis: A New Addition to Life Review

Dr. Kellen uses hypnosis as a facilitating tool for life review. But, it isn’t the pendulum-waving, “You are getting very sleepy,” brand of hypnosis of Hollywood portrayals. Quite simply, hyponosis is relaxation with visualtion and guided imagery. There is nothing you have to do, because any level of relaxation allows for profound experiences; it will bcome easier and easier to relax with each session. You are always in control of your body, your actions and your experience. Simply, hypnosis adds a right-brained, creative, imaginative element to the process. It is like adding movement, color and 3D to a static picture. You become an observer to your own experience. Humans are complex, conscious beings with various levels of awareness that are actively at play at any given moment. In hypnosis, we try to turn off that left-brain, self-conscious logic, and encourage a shift into daydreaming, narrative, imaginings, and an array of emotions.
     Hypnosis can serve as an important catalyst and facilitator for life review. Dr. Kellen uses it by guiding you into a highly relaxed state of focused attention were you become absorbed in internal experiences. When you are hypnotized, you still hear everything that is being said, you remember everything that occurs, and you are in charge of your behavior. You are not asleep. You can always censor, criticize, and comment on your conscious mind. You are always aware of what you say. Hypnosis is not a truth serum.
     In hypnosis, we can enhance states of calm and safety, slow down the action of an event and fill in missing pieces. Through metaphors and visualizations, we can reframe perspectives and return to pivotal events in the past. We can also use the unconscious to imagine how we will act in the future.

Using hypnosis, people can discover faulty notions about a problem. For example:

  • They can experience a problem from an opposing perspective or discover underlying feelings previously not recognized.
  •  They can develop new insights about current relationships.

Whether real, metaphor, dream, imagery, or imagination, all are fodder for discussion.

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