About Dr. Kellen

25+ years of work in a private general clinical psychology practice including personality assessments, clinical career assessments and counseling, treating mood disorders, and general complaints of living.

I then created a life- review short term therapy model with or without hypnosis as a means of coming to terms with ones experiences in life in a new way. Gaining perspective, insight, and creative solutions have been a hallmark of my therapeutic style. I am also practical, and to me, taking small, consistent steps to achieve goals and results is a way of life, as my original Ph.D. was in Organizational Behavior. I then did a 4-year post-doctoral respecialization in clinical psychology at Columbia University. I have been licensed to practice since 1994.

In the past years, I have been intrigued by the changes in society regarding sexuality, finding and keeping a mate, intimate relationships, and a new spectrum of sexual diversity. I began attending workshops and taking courses on the subject. I found it so compelling that I decided to focus on this area.

I feel the modern sexual landscape can be bewildering and overwhelming. There is a lack of easy-to-understand, accurate information and realistic role models. To combat this, I offer what I call sex therapy and/or sexual and emotional wisdom utilizing all my experience from the past and all I have learned since to help you thrive.

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