Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction

Bonnie Kellen

You are not alone: about 25% of males under 40 struggle with these frustrating conditions..

Why suffer? Learn from the wisdom of countless men who have succeeded in overcoming this obstacle. The usual recovery rate is 90% if it is not due to a medical condition.

Together, we can relearn your relationship with controlling your penis. Gain insight into the anxiety that throws interference in your response rate. Get to know yourself in a new way. Grow!

Learn how to relax your pelvic muscles so you have a more expansive response. Build a foundation of muscular strength and control through simple, enjoyable exercises. With a combination of physical exercises and techniques and cognitive relearning (addressing your thoughts, beliefs, self-talk, attitudes, worries etc.) you can slow yourself down, tame your anxiety and build a strong new habit of response.

You have a choice. Either you can fix your PE or ED and move on. (Sometimes it only takes 2- 6 sessions). Or you can also learn how to be a sexually fulfilling partner. Very importantly, determine what sexual health and intimacy means to you.

Learn advanced techniques of sexual and emotional communication in a validating and empathetic way.  Develop cooperation and mutual nurturance. Learn advanced techniques of satisfying women. Learn what satisfies you. Expand your repertoire. Be able to ask for it. Most important, learn how to choose partners that are cooperative, kind and loving.

Examine your values and what attracts you. What result do you want?

Stop avoiding women or fear being burned. Develop confidence and competence.

Sexual Resilience: Knowing the result you want and taking one small step after the other until you get there. Be able to be positive and bounce back when negative things happen.

Be kind to yourself! A sense of urgency is your enemy. Relax, slow down, be patient. Developing this skill will serve you well in life. Impatience is the number one detractor or success in many areas of life.

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