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Bonnie Kellen

Life review with Dr. Kellen could be the catalyst in a person’s life for change, whether that is a more peaceful view of life or simply strengthening one’s self-love or ability to love others.  Those who partake in life review have the opportunity to understand their own free will and make future choices from a larger perspective.

Potential Benefits to Life Review

The life review process helps an individual to embrace oneself and to find new meanings, decrease depression and anxiety, and increase self-esteem. Clients review the past to make sense of their present and hopefully feel they have done their best. Recognizing that good things were achieved in life and coming to terms with difficult times are possible through life review.

     Individuation is another important aspect of the process. Individuation means it is okay to be just yourself—an opportunity that is a most precious experience. Allowing the creative mind to roam in a safe, non-judgmental environment with someone who can help make sense of what is discussed is a rare, valuable experience. Ultimately, the goal of the life review process is to gain self-awareness. 

Who Might Benefit from this Form of Therapy

Dr. Kellen believes anyone of any age might benefit from her method of short-term life review therapy.

  • People who enjoy introspection and analysis
  • People interested in memoir, memories, reminiscences
  • People who would desire a sense of perspective  
  • People who would like to explore their past in relation to the present

 Potential Risks

  • Not all outcomes are favorable, but an individual who conducts life review with a professional is less likely to risk depression.
  •  Some people may judge themselves harshly or experience a sense of regret.
  • A potential trauma may come to mind and require ongoing professional referral.

 Short-Term Therapy with Dr. Kellen is Not Appropriate For Individuals Who:

  • Have substance abuse problems (drugs or alcohol) or heavy drug or alcohol use
  • Are very agitated
  • Have felt suicidal
  •  Have received a diagnosis of paranoia, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, clinical depression or bi-polar disorder
  • Have a history of anger management issues
  • Have a present crisis in his/her life
  • Claim to be possessed
  • Suffer from organic brain disease
  • Have been involved in lawsuits against his/her therapist

Helpful Forms

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