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About Dr. Kellen
After 20+ years of working with clients in various forms of psychology—including personality assessment and clinical career assessment and counseling, among other therapeutic and consulting modalities—and arriving in what I see as the third act of my life, I’ve become interested in the psychology of the third act, especially life review. Joseph Campbell said, “The first half of life, we serve society—engagement. The second half of life we turn inward—disengagement.” These words spoke to me in a very real way. I read Carl Jung talk of the afternoon of life in a way that seemed relevant to me as both a person and a therapist. So, I began researching the themes of age and wisdom—and reading Dr. Robert Butler convinced me that my inclinations were perfectly natural. I began to notice that people who have a better understanding of why they are they way they are—especially people 55+—seem to have less stress and anxiety as they move into their final chapters.
I started to attend conferences about life review and reminiscent therapy as viable, established treatment modes, while simultaneously becoming certified in clinical hypnosis. Hypnosis, age regression and past life therapy fit with life review so naturally that I knew the combination would make for a meaningful method of short-term therapy. So, I find myself here, with a limited practice and solely interested in specializing in life review therapy with a particular interest in Baby Boomers, since I myself am among them. After many years of short-term therapy experience, I understand how powerful that form of therapy can be.